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Miami City Tour

Our Miami City Tour is a private city tour that lasts around 3 1/2 hours and includes three stops in the city's most popular destinations including but not limited to: Little Havana, South Beach, Downtown, Brickell, Wynwood, and more. Your private guide will talk you through the Tequestas and precolonial times, Miami in the 19th and 20th century, the Cuban revolution, Cuban-American History in South Florida, and the recent boom of our internationally recognized skyline. If you want to extend the time of the tour to see more places in Miami just let us know when you submit your Quote so we can give you accurate pricing. 

Our Cuban Historic Tour is similar to our city tour but focuses solely on Cuban history during Colonial times up to modern times. Learn about Cuba's culture, politics, and how the pearl of the Antilles' history is more tied into the United states than you can imagine.

Our city tours include your guide and private driver for the whole duration of the trip to drive hourly/as directed, airport transfer and luggage storage if required.

City Tour

Take a 3 1/2 hour private tour through the city and learn about our rich culture and history. Enjoy 3 of the most popular stops incl. Miami Beach, Little Havana, Downtown, and more options!

Luggage Storage Transportation,

& Airport Transfer Incl.

Cuban History


Take a private Tour of little Havana and a city tour that focuses more on the Cuban-American History aspect of Miami. Learn about the Cuban diaspora and the fight for freedom.

Price includes:

Luggage Storage Transportation,

& Airport Transfer Incl.

About Miami

During Pre-Colonial Times Miami was inhabited by the Tequesta Indians. The City got its name from Mayaimi which was a tribe near lake Okechobee. Miami was spelled like the tribe from Ohio by accident. In its early years it was known as "Biscayne Bay Country." 


The First Permanent European Settlers arrived around 1800. Biscayne bay was populated heavily by squatters and treasure hunters during those times. By the late 1800s Henry Flagler built his railroad down to Miami. Miami was incorporated in 1896 with a population of 300  (Currently Miami-Dade County has 2.75 Million residents). 

During the early 20th century Miami's development struggled due to the great depression and the "Great Miami Hurricane". After the first and second world war many soldiers that were stationed in Miami decided to stay. After the Cuban Revolution the population and development in Miami began to boom. The following Cuban exodus, "Mariel Boatlift", was also responsible for a large population boom. The boatlift wqas the largest civilian transport in history at the time (150,000 refugees).

Miami is now recognized for its developed skyline, luxurious amenities, cultural diversity and beaches. Don't miss out on learning the details of the "Magic City" and chose the right city tour for you today! Don't forget you can combine the city tour and the Everglades Tours to do our Miami Mega Tour for a complete experience of our natural and city life.

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